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Dialing international numbers can be a bit perplexing with various country codes, exit codes, and phone number formats. In this guide, we'll unravel the mystery, providing you with the essential steps to dial international numbers correctly.

1. Country Code Knowledge

Every country has a unique country code assigned by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). These codes typically range from one to four digits and serve as the initial component of an international phone number.

2. Exit Code or International Access Code

Before dialing the country code, you need to enter the exit code or international access code specific to your country. This code signals that you're making an international call. Common exit codes include "+" or "00."

3. Local Area Code

After the country code, include the local area code. This is crucial for directing your call to the specific region within the chosen country. Omitting the area code might lead to misrouting.

4. Phone Number

Complete the international number with the local phone number. Ensure you include all necessary digits, and be mindful of any specific rules or conventions for spacing.

5. Consider Time Zones

Be aware of the time zone differences between your location and the destination country. Calling at appropriate hours avoids inconvenience and ensures your call is received.

6. Use of "+" Symbol

When dialing internationally, using the "+" symbol in place of the exit code is widely accepted. It automatically adapts to the correct exit code based on your location.

7. Check with Service Provider

Verify with your phone service provider if there are any specific instructions or restrictions for international dialing. Some providers may have additional steps or considerations.


Mastering the art of dialing international numbers is about understanding the sequence of country codes, exit codes, and local numbers. By following these steps and staying mindful of time zones, you'll confidently make international calls without the hassle of errors. Happy dialing!